For Healthcare Providers

Ambulance vehicles on an hospital parking. Emergency transport. Medicine

IDNs & Hospitals

As IDNs and Hospitals continue to be at the forefront of healthcare, MTMC continues to stay at the forefront of delivering products and services to allow them to compete, deliver exceptional care and meet their business goals. As the nation’s largest outsourced healthcare sales team we continue to deliver value to our distributor and manufacturing partners by bringing together the right customer with the right product at the right time. No other sales team delivers the reach and expertise than MTMC’s. We earn the trust of our customers and partners every day and that’s one of the reasons we continue to find success. To learn more about how we can help your products grow in the IDN and Hospital space, contact us today.

For IDNs and Hospitals: We understand the world of healthcare delivery is now different and it will continue to change. Our experienced team knows you need to be cost-conscious and efficient as well as buy smart for your organization because the patient experience and the quality of care depend on it. Count on us to make the buying process easier by understanding exactly how your business works, what products make sense for your IDN or Hospital, and deliver a buying experience second to none through expertise and exceptional service. 

Acute Care

For healthcare vendors: Our Acute Care Sales Team is the most experienced in the United States and understands today’s ever-changing hospital environment. Our team integrates clinical, reimbursement, and legislative trends that affect health care delivery within this very complex setting into their daily selling strategies. We actively assist our manufacturing and distribution partners by matching their products with the right buyer, always keeping an eye on doing what’s right for both parties. It’s the nature of how we conduct business.

Our dedicated sales team is one of the most experienced in North America, partnering with acute care facilities and as a result, has experienced success. Existing relationships with key supply chain decision-makers and clinical champions provide access and leverage for additional success for our distribution and manufacturing partners.

For Acute Care Practices: In the acute care setting, our offering delivers both expertise and efficiencies. We understand it’s about outcomes and an excellent experience and that’s where our team makes a big difference. By partnering with us, our team will deliver a streamlined buying experience, and true partnership and work in your best interest to help you meet your organizational and business goals. We simplify the buying experience and provide the support you need throughout our relationship, no matter the product or service. Contact us today to learn more.

Ambulance vehicles on an hospital parking. Emergency transport. Medicine
Ambulance vehicles on an hospital parking. Emergency transport. Medicine

Primary Care

For healthcare vendors, our Primary Care sales team is seasoned and experienced in the multitude of care delivery models and providers within the spectrum of practices within primary care.

Our team’s success is only underscored by its experience in helping our manufacturing and distribution partners protect existing market share against competitive threats while growing new business within those same spaces. To learn more about how we can help your company sell better to primary care practice, please contact us today.

For Primary Care practices: As one of the most experienced healthcare teams in North America, we know it’s about the patient, not the products. We’ve been helping primary care practices purchase better and smarter since our founding. We understand the challenges of operating a primary care practice and our intention is partnership first. We initiate our relationship by truly understanding your needs and then work with you to present high-quality solutions and products that make good sense for your business. Nothing more, nothing less. Count on us to be your trusted partner in the marketplace. Contact us today to learn more. 

Surgi Centers & Medical Practices

For Healthcare Vendors: The necessity to improve patient outcomes and experience as well as ensure the business performance of Ambulatory Surgery Center is at the forefront of how we think about distributing your products and services. To help our Surgery Center clients as well as suppliers and manufacturers who would like to sell products in the space, our team has invested in a specialized sales team that focuses solely on the needs of ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs). 

Our ASC sales executives deliver exceptional customer service, industry, and product expertise and of course, build and maintain deep relationships between healthcare providers and their partners in both manufacturing and distribution.

For Surgery Center: We represent national brands that adhere to the highest standards covering every area of your surgery center from supplies, medical equipment, and technology to office design and furniture. By partnering with us, your surgery center can be more efficient through cost savings. And because we work in true partnership, our single-source approach to sales delivers peace of mind and allows you to focus on what’s important, delivering excellent patient care. 

Buy smarter knowing our experts are with you every step of the way! Contact us today to learn more.

Ambulance vehicles on an hospital parking. Emergency transport. Medicine