Manufacturer Partners

We are a contract sales organization for medical manufacturers. Our company’s focus is to provide an exemplary independent nationwide sales team solution for manufacturers selling products into a variety of healthcare markets, specifically: IDNs, Hospitals, Acute Care, Alternate Care, Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs), and Long-Term Care. This segmentation and focus positively drive market share for our manufacturer partners across the care continuum.

We provide manufacturers with a nationwide sales team composed of greater than 100 sales executives. These commission-based representatives utilize mobile sales solutions and are accountable to report their sales forecast within our custom-built CRM. Manufacturers have the option to subscribe to real-time performance monitoring to ensure sales efforts are meeting their initiatives and expectations. Our team utilizes frequent collaborative training, both nationally and regionally, to ensure product knowledge and sales strategies are current and in alignment with manufacturer goals. We provide transparent marketing, with all sales executives presenting themselves as the manufacturer’s local representative.

MTMC provides manufacturers a professional "Value-Based Sales Team" with: